Saint James Brewery produces premium Ales with an emphasis on quality, locally sourced ingredients exclusively from new york state, and old world brewing techniques. We cultivate our own unique yeast strain which allows us to create Belgian style beers with character and originality.   


Belgian Style Beers

White Ale

Rachelle Blanche

Rachelle Blanche™ is brewed in the style of a traditional Belgian Witbier. It is effervescent, hazy blond in color, and displays notes of freshly picked fruit upon a foundation of locally grown wheat.  Rachelle Blanche is a light, easy to drink Ale with a crisp, dry finish, belying a subtle alcoholic strength that is a hallmark of traditional Belgian Style Ale.   ABV: 5.5%, Color: Golden, OG: 1.050, Body: Light



Biere des Chevaliers

Our Belgian Style Dubbel is a deep reddish, moderately strong, complex Belgian Ale.  It displays rich malty sweetness, moderate fruity aromas, and smooth alcohol warmth.  This Ale is brewed in tribute to the noble knights of the l'Hospitalier. These knights defended the Krak des Chevaliers Castle in Western Syria during the middle ages. Our Belgian style Dubbel is brewed with select New York State grown barley, hops, and our own proprietary yeast strain.  ABV: 7.5%, Color: Ruby, OG: 1.068, Body: Medium



Saint James Brewery Belgian Style Tripel pays tribute to the time honored monastic brewing traditions of Belgium.  The marriage of spicy, fruity, soft alcohol flavors is supported by a  sublime malt character.  It is is brewed  with the finest New York State grown ingredients including spring barley and noble hops.  Abv: 9%, Color: Deep Gold,  OG: 1.082, Body: Medium


Tripel Hopzella

Tripel Hopzella is a collaboration beer with Condzella Hops Farm in Wading River, NY.  A triple addition of fresh cascade hops compliments a sublime malt character and spicy, fruity, soft alcohol notes found in our original tripel. Abv: 9%, Color: Gold, Body: Medium, IBU:30



Holiday Ale

Our Holiday Ale, the Belgian Style Quadrupel is brewed to celebrate the creativity of American Home Brewers interpreting and transforming classic Belgian Style Ales. Exhibiting Dark Red Hues and a thick meringue like head, the Quad is medium bodied and delivers an impressive 11%ABV. While the alcohol level may be big, our proprietary Belgian yeast strain produces a smooth, rich product without any trace of harsh off flavors sometimes associated with high gravity and/or high alcohol ales. The result is a flavorful Holiday Ale with a smooth finish.  ABV:  11%, Color: Dark Red, Body: Medium

Fleur de Lees, L.I.P.A- Local IPA 

Ale on lees

Fleur de Lees is our latest mixed fermentation creation. We use both our proprietary 1886 shipwreck yeast and our classic Belgian yeast strain to produce a brand new style, the Local IPA (LIPA). Made with 100% NY State ingredients including CTZ hops from Condzella Farm, as well as pale malt barley from the upstate region. ABV 7% Color: Hazy Gold, Body: Medium

Belgian Style Stout


Belgian Style Stout made from Local Barley, hops from Condzella Farms, Wading River, NY.   select spices including anise and our proprietary yeast strain. Reglisse harkens to the awaiting glory of the winter season ahead.  ABV: 5.5%, Color: Dark, OG: 1.050, Body: Heavy




Our Belgian style Strawberry Ale is brewed with Strawberries from Sujecki Farm, a fifth Generation Farming Family in Calverton, NY. Fraise is brewed with select New York State wheat and barley, long island hops and our proprietary saint james brewery yeast. abv: 7% , color:  Auburn, OG: 1.075, , body: medium




Our Belgian Style Peach Ale is Brewed with PEaches from Richter's Orchard, the Oldest working Family Orchard in Northport, Long Island. Peche is Brewed with select New York State Wheat, Barley, Long Island Hops and our proprietary saint james brewery yeast.  abv: 7%, color golden peach, Body: medium


Plum Stout

Our super smooth and creamy Plum Stout is the perfect addition to our Harvest Series of seasonal ales. Locally grown sweet plums complement our traditional Belgian style Stout. Plum Stout is brewed exclusively with New York State grown barley, wheat, hops, plums, and our proprietary Saint James Brewery yeast strain. ABV 7.5%, Color: Dark, Body: Medium




Brewed with local blueberries from the North Fork of Long Island, Myrtille is a sublime reminder of summertime. Slightly sweet and slightly tart with a purplish hue and a dry Finish. New York State wheat and barley, Long Island hops and our proprietary Saint James Brewery yeast



Cherie is our interpretation of Belgian style Blonde Ale. In Belgium, Blonde Ale became popular in the years following World War II. It was considered the "local" alternative for Belgians seeking a change from German Style Pilsner Beers that were quite popular in Belgium at that time.  Cherie is brewed with select New York State barley, locally grown hops, local honey, and our proprietary Saint James Brewery yeast strain.  ABV: 7.2%, Color: Deep Gold, OG: 1.067, Body: Medium




La Mure displays subtle notes of blackberries. We use only fresh, locally grown fruit to produce Ale of uncompromising character and quality. In addition to blackberries, La Mure is brewed with select New York State wheat and barley, locally grown hops, and our proprietary Saint James Brewery yeast.  ABV: 8%, Color: Amber, OG: 1.055, Body: Medium/Light




Gold Medal Winner of the 2017 Governor's Cup, Our Belgian style Apple Ale is brewed with apples from Richter's Orchard in Northport, NY. Pomme is brewed with select New York State wheat and barley, long island hops and our proprietary saint james brewery yeast. abv: 8%, color: Golden, OG: 1.075, , body: medium




Framboise is aptly named for the subtle overtones of fresh local raspberries added to this wonderful elixir.  Framboise is a seasonal Ale brewed only during the few months when local raspberries are at their ripest. We add just the right amount of fruit to produce a refreshing Ale of uncompromising character and quality.  ABV: 6.0%, Color: Amber, OG: 1.055, Body: Medium light